Ascent Counseling

I am a Somatic, body-centered therapist and use many innovative interventions and alternative treatment programs including, EMDR, Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, IFS, and Amino Acid Mental Health Nutrition for the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, radical self discovery, igniting passions, personal, and spiritual growth. Somatic healing is holistic, going beyond traditional talk therapy, to connect heart, mind, body, emotions and spirit. I look to the body as a wise resource, ally, and guide to tap into the inner healing intelligence we all possess through a holistic perspective. Our bodies hold a lot of wisdom that we can talk ourselves out of in our cognitive mind. I incorporate somatic awareness and movement to include the wisdom of the body as the therapeutic process. I provide empathetic care, support and encouragement focusing on transforming and healing traumatic experiences into empowerment, health, and self-discovery.tail description of the services you offer.

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