Baker Bent



I am an LPCC providing holistic therapy for men, adults and adolescents covering a wide range of psychological and emotional issues. I use existential, narrative, and mindfulness-based approaches to help create a better sense of purpose, meaning, and connection in our lives. This helps to promote the building of a stronger and more resilient self as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of life. I am interested in helping people develop healthy life, relational, and communication skills which in turn makes for healthier and more satisfying relationships whether they be intimate, parent-child, business, or friendships.

Additional Details

  • Counselor/Psychotherapist
  • Men’s Issues, Relationship issues, Coping Skills, Anxiety, Parenting Issues, Life Transitions
  • Baker Bent Counseling
  • Ouray
  • $65-$85
  • Credit Card, Check, Cash
  • Yes
  • Limited Medicaid availability
  • Call @ 719-789-5145 or email: