The most important question you can ask yourself is: Who’s speaking right now?  

You know the voice.  The one saying you’re not good enough; you can’t do it; you’re not smart enough; no one loves you. Or maybe that voice is ruminating – slicing and dicing every scenario for any situation or conversation so you have a sense of control. Prepared for anything life might throw at you. Exhausting, right? 

This voice usually brings anxiety, panic, and depression right along with it. Maybe low self esteem and boundary issues are a part of the package. Maybe your marriage or relationship are tense and off-course.

Imagine how different life would be if that voice shifted?

That’s where I come in. Working with Adults and Couples in an on-line setting, I leverage a humanistic, person-centered integrative approach. That means I have a variety of ways to support you, such as: Looking at thought processes through Cognitive Therapy, re-writing our Narratives, finding ways to live more present and more mindful, understanding the Wounded Child and Wise Adult, setting boundaries and becoming relational with ourselves and others. Learning ways to build cherishing partnerships that help you thrive.

Not all therapy is the same. 

There is not a one-size-fits all approach and it takes time to find the therapist that is a good fit for you. We are all unique people and in my practice, I fully honor that by supporting you wherever you are on your journey to self-discovery.  I believe in your right to be heard…to be seen…with unconditional positive regard. I will not simply be a blank-slate therapist. I will share my thoughts and opinions. 

Additional Details

  • Yes
  • LCSW
  • Tele-therapy only for adults and couples; anxiety; depression; addictions; eating disorders; career planning/transitions; grief; trauma; spiritual exploration
  • 120.00
  • Venmo, Credit Card
  • Yes
  • Call, text or email