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  • Resource Type:Mental Health Professional
  • Provider Type:Pediatric Occupational/Psychotherapy
  • Mental Health Services Provided:Sensory/Emotional Regulation (sensory integration, sensory processing disorder), Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence, Anxiety Disorders, Autism and Associated Spectrum Difficulties, Self-Esteem and Self-Concept, Art Therapy in conjunction with therapy.
  • Organization:Developmental Therapy Services, LLC
  • Hours:TBD
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  • County:Ouray
  • Average Cost Per Session:$100 per session, typically 45-55 minutes.
  • Accepted Payment Methods:Cash, San Miguel Resource Center, Credit Card.
  • Sliding Scale: Not at this time
  • Insurance Plans Accepted: Private pay, San Miguel Resource Center also provides up to 6 sessions, credit card. A superbill could be provided to individuals to submit to their insurance
  • Appointment Procedure:Call, text or email. Intake forms for client information and consent will be emailed and must be submitted prior to therapy session.