Description of Practice:  I offer a comprehensive and integrative approach to psychotherapy, with the focus of seeing difficult thoughts and feelings through our own consciousness. This gives the client a rare opportunity to see difficulties without judgement, allowing an individual to have a more objective and open relationship with themselves, which frees up false identity with feelings, thoughts and emotions

Additional Details

  • Resource Type:Mental Health Professional
  • Provider Type:Psychotherapy
  • Mental Health Services Provided:Talk Therapy, Presence Practice (working with pure consciousness for healing trauma).
  • Organization: Unbound Self Therapy
  • Hours:10-5, M-W
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  • County:Ouray
  • Average Cost Per Session:$90/hr for individual sessions. If booking 4 or more sessions, the price is $75/hr.
  • Accepted Payment Methods:Checks, Cash, Venmo, PayPal, Visa, MC
  • Sliding Scale:Yes
  • Insurance Plans Accepted:None
  • Appointment Procedure: Email or call for free consultation to see if we’re a good fit.